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Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Acidic Is Your Diet?

Experts believe that consuming as few as four acidic foods or drinks a day increases the risk of acid erosion of your teeth. This can weaken and even cause you to loose the protective layer of enamel off your teeth. This may cause you to be more susceptible to cavities and tooth pain. It also may increase sensitivity risk and even prevent you from being able to whiten your teeth. Whitening, in the presence of erosion, may cause damage. Are you at risk? Here is a sample list of acidity of certain foods (called pH). The lower the number, the higher the acidity, and therefore the higher risk of acid erosion. Even healthy foods and drinks like fruit and juices can have harmful levels of acidity. Studies show that tooth enamel (top tooth layer) begins to dissolve at a pH below 5.5 and dentin (second layer of a tooth) below 6.7. Lemon Juice 2.0-2.6 Wine 2.3-3.8 Sports Drinks 2.3-4.4 Tonic Water 2.5 Oranges 2.8-4.0 Apples 3.5-3.9 Orange Juice 3.7 Tomato Ketchup 3.9 Beer 4.0-5.0 Eggs 6.6 Whole Milk 6.7 Water 7.3 Be sure to speak to your dentist or hygienist about your diet and acid erosion. ****Source GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare


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